How to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Piggy Bank with DollarsFor homeowners and business owners alike, one of the largest monthly expenses is the electric bill. Of these bills, approximately 17% is used to fund your cooling and heating needs. While energy demands spike during the summer, it’s important to consider how to stay energy efficient all year long, especially when it comes to your air conditioning. By following a few basic techniques, you can lower the cost of running your AC unit by up to 43%.

  • Turn it off whenever you leave. Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving their air conditioning on whenever they leave the house. By turning the AC off every time you leave for work or to run errands, you’ll save an incredible amount of money. Remember, it doesn’t make sense to keep the house cool if no one is in it, and it will cool off quickly once you come home and turn the AC back on.
  • Keep the fans circulating. Did you know that it costs less energy to keep the fans rotating than it does to keep the AC blowing cool air throughout your home? By keeping the fans on, you can ensure that cool air is circulating without having to worry about your AC unit consuming too much electricity.
  • Avoid cooking on the stove. Of course, it’s impossible to never cook on the stove, but summertime is the perfect time for grilling out – why not have a good old-fashioned backyard picnic? By taking advantage of these opportunities, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you cook on the stove during the summer, which can raise the internal temperatures of your home and trigger the air conditioning.
  • Have your AC unit fine-tuned or replaced. Air conditioning units are just like cars. They need to be maintained for proper performance and will eventually have to be replaced. As your AC unit gets older and older, it will become less efficient. Having it inspected will ensure that it’s working properly – and you might even decide it’s time for a new, more energy efficient system!
  • Block the sun when you can. Whether it’s closing the blinds in a certain room or planting more greenery in your front yard, the more that you can block the sun’s blazing rays from searing into your home, the easier it will be to keep the temperature down. This will help you stay cool without relying too heavily on your AC unit.

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