3 Things to Consider for Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

Residential Cental Air Conditioning UnitWe rely on our air conditioning and heating units to keep us comfortable throughout every season of the year, but because the units are kept outside our homes, it’s easy to forget they even exist. The reality, though, is that air systems are just like any other piece of mechanical equipment – they must be maintained for optimal performance.

Similar to your car or your computer, an air conditioning and heating unit will eventually break down and stop working if it isn’t regularly maintained by a professional. Furthermore, consistent use throughout the year will lower the system’s efficiency, which can be restored with a simple tune-up. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bill or simply want to ensure that your home stays comfortable all year long, it’s important to invest in air conditioning and heating maintenance.

Here are some of the main concerns that will affect any system:

  1. Air conditioning coils. Consistently blowing air will naturally stir up dust and dirt. This results in dirt collecting in the air conditioner coils, which not only reduces airflow, but insulates the coil as well. In other words, debris in the coil will inhibit performance but can also cause the system to work harder than it should, resulting in a breakdown in the future.
  2. Condensate drains. Any time that you have air of two different temperatures colliding, condensation is going to happen. While drain channels are in place to allow liquid from condensation to drain out, the channels can get clogged. This results in moisture getting stuck and increased humidity. Damage isn’t limited to the air conditioning system, as excess moisture can damage your home by discoloring the walls and carpet.
  3. Seals. At the start of each season, you want to ensure that the seals throughout your air and heating system are tight. Loose pieces allow air to escape, which causes the system to work harder and wastes resources on keeping your home comfortable.

While you can certainly attempt to clean and repair the system on your own, it’s important to keep in mind that an air conditioning and heating system is complex – it involves not only the main unit, but its connection to your home as well. By hiring a professional for maintenance, you can ensure that every consideration is covered and addressed, which will help prolong the life of your system while saving you money on your electric bill.

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