AC Repair Delray Beach: Tips to Improving Your Air Quality

We spend most of the times of our days in our home. Improving indoor air quality is as important as eating healthy foods for healthy living. Indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. Indoor air can be polluted by the electronic devices that we are using, by smoke that is coming out from the kitchen, by cigarette’s smoke and many other things. The outdoor air is moving all the time so the polluted air is not staying in any particular place but polluted air in a house will hardly move. Not only houses but also offices, schools and all the indoor places may get polluted air. We spend more than 90% time in indoor places. This is why improving the indoor air quality is very much important.

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What causes pollution of indoor air?

  • Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation prevents indoor air from moving to outside and outdoor air to come inside. Indoor air gets caught in the room and if it is polluted then it creates a bad weather in the room.

  • Moisturizer

Some electronic devices may create high moisturizer, which cause poor quality air. Most of the times, old Air conditioner, and other electronic devices increase the level of moisturizer in a room.

  • Smoking

Smoking in a room cause poor quality air more than anything else can do.

Tips to improve indoor air quality

  • Say NO to “VOCs”

VOC (volatile organic compound) is available in some conventional paints. After painting your wall, VOCs will keep polluting indoor air until it is finished. It can keep polluting air for more than years. The breathable VOCs contained air causes headache, dizziness and many other illnesses. Choose an air friendly paint to paint your wall or any furniture in your house or office.

  • Choose the right air freshener

Some air freshener may create a nice smell but on the other side, it will pollute the indoor air. Synthetic “fragrance” contained air freshener will pollute indoor air in double rate than the VOCs can do. Choose toxic and other bad chemical free air freshener.

  • No Smoking Zone

Label your house, office and other indoor places with “No Smoking Zone”. Smokes coming out from the cigarette can quickly pollute the indoor air. Since indoor air does not move as quickly as outdoor air does, nicotine-contained smoke is too harmful for indoor places.

  • Shoe free zone

Label indoor places as shoe free zone too. Ask your guests and all family members to keep their shoes outside of the room in the shoe rack. With shoes, anyone can bring harmful chemicals inside of the room and that can pollute the indoor air.

  • Plant some trees within the house

Trees work as the best air cleaner. Plant some small trees within your house or office to increase the level of oxygen and decrease the level of CO2. Small houseplants remove toxins from the air too.

  • Keep floor fresh

Clean your room’s floor at least two times in a day. Using a vacuum with HEPA filter is the best option to clean floor.

  • Change the filter of air conditioner within every  three months or earlier

Air conditioner filter must be changed within every three months or less.

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